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Берлин-СВ Germany, Berlin Подробнее
Russischen kampfkunst “Sibirische Winde“ Germany, Paderborn Подробнее

European Centre of Russian martial art, System SV. Branch Manager to Andrej Fuhrmann, Paderborn, Germany, Tel.: 05251-409106. www.sibirskij-wjun.de         E-mail: sibwjun@arcor.de

To Andrej Fuhrmann comrade D. Skogorev on creation and dissemination of  RMA System SV. He teaches in Germany since 1996. Organized several subsidiaries in Europe and in Germany. Holds regular classes, seminars and trainings of trainers. Have the right signature certification trainers in all categories. Produces educational films on Russian battle RMA System SV. in 2013 Andrej Fuhrmann certified D. Skogorev , RMA SystemA'SV as coach ( Master RMA SV).