Luigi Soprano WCRMA & RMA System SV. Via the sights, 2, 10040, Volvera, Italy.   Tel: +3287569016,  E-mail:

The Italian School of Russian Martial Arts Siberian Viun operates in the form of seminars since 2006. Working with various sports organizations. Among them were : Academy rigid systems,  FESIK , IKMO . At the moment our business in Italy there is no way Academy . Its leader Luigi Soprano . Studied within a few seminars led by D. Skogorev (2010 and 2014 ) in Italy , and Russia . He was the Assistant Instructor course (category A/2) (2) in 2010-2011 , in 2013 Luigi soprano certified D. Skogorev , RMA SystemA'SV as instructor ( Category B ) . Has the right to teach and trainers assistant primary category in Italy.